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Traction Machine Tensioner Series

CQ-YQ30 Hydraulic Puller

CQ-YQ40 Hydraulic Puller

CQ-YQ60 Hydraulic Puller

CQ-YQ90 Hydraulic Puller

CQ-YQ180 Hydraulic Puller

CQ-YQ220 Hydraulic Puller

CQ-YQ250 Hydraulic Puller

CQ-YQ300 Hydraulic Puller

CQ-YQ420 Hydraulic Puller

CQ-YQ220 Hydraulic Puller

Cradle Reel Elevatora

Cradle Reel Elevatora

CQ-YZ30A Hydraulic Tensioner

CQ-YZ40 Hydraulic Tensioner

CQ-YZ2x35 Hydraulic Tensioner

CQ-YZ2x55 Hydraulic Tensioner

CQ-YZ2x70/CQ-YZ2x80 Hydraulic Tensioner

CQ-YZ2x90 Hydraulic Tensioner

CQ-YZ4x50 Hydraulic Tensioner

CQ-YZ40/CQ-YZ60 Hydraulic Puller Tensioner

CQ-YZ40 Hydraulic Puller Tensioner

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